Hey guys! Last weekend during the stream, some of you suggested making prints available. I started messing with Society6 (I live in Poland, so producing and shipping them myself would be rather hard), I don’t have a lot of stuff there yet and I’ll be working to get some more up and available. I wanted to hold off on talking at length about this until I do, but Society6 made a promo with worldwide shipping and 5$ off some stuff and I felt it woud be a waste not to share it. http://society6.com/totempole?promo=CGB6P6D8JFXT this link should get you that deal- I’m actually ordering some to check how it works and it seems to be cutting 5$ off every item added to the cart, so it subtracted 10$ for two prints.

Promo lasts until July 12th.

The two pictures currently available are: