What is this?

The Cummoner is a webcomic and comic series about the magical and erotic adventures of young sorceress Vilga and her various companions.

The comic started as a single chapter sold online and kind of got bigger than I expected. Paid chapters are released from time to time and contain additional adventures and lots and lots of hot sex of all kinds.

The comic might contain sex, male and female nudity, demon nudity and occasional bondage.
It will NOT contain any rape, gore or underage characters.

Currently updated weekly.

What’s up with the paid chapters? I don’t want to pay!

The paid chapters are a way for me to support myself drawing comics- both porn and the regular kind.

The webcomic is free and the paid chapters, while adding to the story, are not crucial for its understanding. They are basically more of the delicious sex.

Can I commision you to draw a comic or illustration?

Yes! But I don’t always have the time to take on commisions. Check the Commission Me page to see if I have them open at the moment!

What’s the chronological order of the chapters, where do the additional chapters fit?

The chapters go as follows:
– First Time for Everything
– Witch Morwena
– Morning Wood Spirits (paid chapter)
– Bondage
– A Hard Lesson
– The Black Book (paid chapter)
Tuck’s Night Out
– The Lefts and Rites
– Burn the Witch!
– Fair’s Fairy (happens at the same time as Burn the Witch, just in a different place)