Commissions are currently: CLOSED!

Read below and contact me, I will be accepting 3 commissions for now!

Following applies to personal commissions. For info on commercial work, please email me!


Comic pages:

– Black & White: 120$
– Black & White with grays: 150$
– Colour: 200$


– Ink character: 50$
– Colour character: 100$

– Parts of additional character: 0-10$ (depends on amount of work)
– Additional character: +20$
– Complex Background: +50$
– Exclusive*: 150%
– Patreon Member**: -10$

All base prices include a simple background.

*exclusive- the picture will not be posted anywhere. Your eyes only.
**patreon members who have successfully supported me are discounted (current patrons with at least one payment processed).

What I won’t draw:
– Shota/loli (absolute no. Young characters aged up in the picture are ok)
– Futa
– Man on man action
– Violence (some BDSM is ok)*
– Some bestiality*
– Realism (I welcome you to browse through my portfolio or hentaifoundry, check out my style and decide if it suits you).

* these restrictions are based on my personal sensitivity so if you aren’t sure about something, just email me and ask!


– Portfolio: I reserve the right to use the picture for my portfolio/tumblr! If you’d like the commission to be completely private, please let me know in advance (see: “exclusive” in pricing).

– Reference: I will need some sort of reference pictures along with a description. If I’m drawing a specific character, please choose some pictures of it on the internet, if it’s your own OC without any existing images, some references for his/her clothes or hairstyle would be appreciated.

– Workflow: I will draw a sketch based on your description and reference material, send it for you to decide on any changes. Any major changes need to be specified at this point! (For example changing the angle of the scene/pose of the character later will be impossible!) Once you approve the sketch, I’ll get to work and when done, I’ll send you the picture for final approval. Minor changes are possible at this point and when approved, I’ll send you a JPG and a hi-resolution TIF.

– Time: final illustrations will be finished within two weeks.

How to commission me:

– Contact me at totempole666(at)gmail(dot)com

– Specify the kind of commission (based on examples) and describe the characters/scene. Reference material is appreciated!

– Pay for the illustration in advance, I will begin work on the sketch after it comes through.


Got questions?

Just email me and ask!