I will upload some flash games here soon! For now, you can follow the links to see the animations and games. Since some involve moaning and, I added notes if the links have any sound.

Most of the links will take you to my Hentaifoundry page, some will lead to Porngames.com.

Red n cute animation test
Anal attack animated
Dark Side- my first flash h-game, grew from the Anal Attack test.
Violet- the Incredible machine (sound!)
Nikki sideways, I’ve always had a soft spot for Nikki
Avalia, commissioned by Dan/Risque
Captain Planet vs Dr Blight, commissioned by KingMurray, a HUGE project! Possibly the biggest one yet?
The Cummoner- Oral doggystyle, this one’s peculiar, because the commissioner didn’t wish me to publish the game featuring her character, so I basically re-skinned everything to be able to show it. I might come back to it and do it more properly sometime, because it could’ve been done better. The original is much more pretty.
Tales of Steam, commissioned and published by Porngames.com
Kate’s Dressdown, commissioned by KingMurray
Hot Beaches, commissioned and published by Porngames.com