And here it is! The end of this chapter.

Did you guys enjoy it? It’s been a weird chapter for me and probably for you as well. I gotta say I haven’t had as much of a problem with it as I did with Tuck’s Night Out. I’m not into domination/bdsm at all, while the idea of experiencing sex as the opposite sex seems strangely enticing.

I remember an old story (I think it might’ve been Phillip K Dick’s, but I can’t be sure) about a scientist who discovers a cure for cancer. The cure would work by resetting the genetic code, but it would also change the sex of the patient. It quickly became popular as a recreational drug allowing people to enjoy an evening as a member the opposite sex- it got so common some clubs had trained personnel who could spot and deny entry to anyone who was changed.
What did you think of the chapter? Is a bodyswap something that gets your blood going? Would you try a pill that would change your sex for one night, no strings attached?
I might.

Next week, as I mentioned before (I think I did? I’m rather tired right now) I’m on vacation next week. There will be an Ask Vilga page dealing with magical sex enhancements and I hope to prepare another update for friday, but I’ll keep you posted on that one.
Worst case scenario there will be a sketch filler before the cover/prologue on Tuesday the 11th.

p.s. I tried finding the story years later and haven’t been able to rediscover it since elementary or middle-school. The title seemed to have something to do with Golden People (but I read it in Polish). If anyone reading this can shed some light on the matter, I’d be grateful for a tip!


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