This is a scheduled page! I’m probably recovering after last weekend’s drawing of a 24-hour comic as this page goes live. Hopefully everything went great!

13.10 EDIT: I came back from the event with a cold and spent the last week in bed. I’ve uploaded half the 24hour comic I made to PATREON, you can check it out there (no paywall) or wait for Monday for the whole thing, which I will also link.

About the comics:
It feels really bad to be posting only half of it, but the last half will come sometime on Monday! Then the next Cummoner page is out Tuesday and I will update “One Mission Left” once more a few days later with a proper cover and with the version I managed to finish at the event (the one you’re getting is a bit retouched but mostly I’m adding halftones and inking the last 4 pages).

One Mission Left is a short story about a very keen, but very unsuccessful Space Captain and a little boy with an incurable disease (well, kinda… not really though). It’s SFW, as much as a comic can be safe for reading at WORK.

About the event:
I managed to write and draw all 24 pages, ink 20 of them and add halftones to some. Then I slept a bit, found a dead body in Cracow, called emergency services, returned home to Wrocław and ten immediately got sick (it’s a cold, though).

The event was held in a cool little community center house in Cracow, in the basement. We started as a group of over 30 people, but that number obviously shrunk overnight as some people finished their planned work or gave up and went to sleep. There were some who slept for a half-hour and then went back to drawing, but I usually don’t trust myself to take naps like that- except when I’m forced to work through several nights in a row (happened once).

There were tons of young people and a lot of people my age. For the first time there was nobody representing “the old guard” of older comic artists at the event I went to, which probably means me and my friends have become “the old”. And it feels kinda soon.

Anyway, back to bed with me, cheers!


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