So you guys know that this comic is free, financed on Patreon by its readers- but I actually do a bit more over there. Every half a year or so I release a small book (available in the shop) that sums up some side-project that I usually work on on the Tuesday Streams- projects such as Tentacle Academy, Fairy Guide.
The streams are open and available for everyone, but the sketches and illustrations I make there are mostly exclusive to Patreon.

Currently we’re working on an illustrated card deck, with an original picture for every single card! It’s going to work as a standard deck (for poker and such), but also have a bunch of other features, such as themes for every number (Ace is a Hero, 2 is Twins, 6 is Prodigy etc).
Here are some sketches for various cards! Check out my Patreon to see more and some finished versions (it’s available for all patrons, no matter the pledge level).