UPDATE 08-sep-2023: I delivered the files for Ad Asstra to the printer and the job’s paid for! They will print the book within the month! So everything’s going well and according to plan and I will update again when the printing’s done!

Original post: All right, we’re doing this! I put the book up on Gumroad! If all goes well, it will be printed in September and shipped in early October 2023!


This is a bigger, thicker and more premium book than any of the small ones I printed so far, and thus I need to do a pre-order of sorts to finance the printing. There’s an “early bird” price (limited to 100 books), “regular” price and 10 special slots for custom sketches – sorry there’s so few of these, but years ago I did a 50 for another book and it took a really long time to finish them!

Hopefully this will help me figure out any potential problems and challenges before I tackle printing Cummoner next year!