TLDR: There is an alternative place to suport my comics at SUBSCRIBESTAR that will mirror the content on Patreon.

As some or all of you know, my comics are the main source of income for me and my family! That makes it very anxiety-inducing sometimes, when platforms suddenly close their doors to NSFW creators, like it recently happened on Gumroad.
Patreon is also adding some additional restrictions on content, but I’m hoping my comics are wholesome enough to be okay, despite all the wild sex they contain.

Additionally, over the years I had a few people message me that they’re canceling because they don’t want to use Patreon and asked if I had alternatives (I used to send them to Gumroad).

I’m starting an account on Subscribestar – it will mirror the content on Patreon, will have the same price support tiers and I will upload all my completed chapters there for download.
So if you would like to support my comics, there are now two main platforms to consider.