This weekend was Pyrkon time in Poland – the biggest fantasy con in the country! I guess you could compare it to Dragoncon if I have the right idea- mostly fantasy and RPG, lots of cosplay. Some comic artists and writers are invited as well, but not on a big scale – comics aren’t a big business in Poland, unfortunately.

I went there with, my Polish publisher for the Stick in the Mud comic (and maybe Cummoner someday?) to meet up with readers and draw a ton in their books (in Poland we don’t take commissions at cons, but do small sketches for people free of charge). I’ll try to link to a gallery of those pictures when it’s up online (I took photos of some).

I met a bunch of Cummoner readers! If any of you are reading this, it was amazing meeting you! I even got asked for a Vilga in a costume designed by a reader – check it out on twitter:

May 1-3 are our “long weekend” days- Labor Day, May 2nd and Constitution Day and I’m spending them recovering after Pyrkon and figuring out the colors for chapter 13’s scenes.
I hope you enjoy this Judith filler, unrelated to any of Cummoner chapters so far.
Page #1 of The Apprentice will be up on Friday!

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