I’d like to share a few things with you, but first let me warn you to please check your inbox for a message from Patreon- they’ve been hacked and some personal data has been stolen. They claim that no credit card data has been compromised, but it’s strongly advised to change your password!
This is the first time something like this has happened (if my memory’s right) and hopefully won’t happen again.

This last weekend I attended the MFKiG International Comicbook and Games Festival in Łódź, Poland, the biggest festival of this kind in my country. It’s been getting bigger and better with every year, with stars like Simon Bisley coming practically every year, Alan Grant, Cameron Stewart, Don Rosa and Ramon Perez frequenting it in the past.
I met a ton of amazing people and I might have some news to share sometime in the future.

As you might expect I’m completely pooped from the trip (it’s too expensive to fly in Poland and the distances are too short for it to make financial sense, so you gotta travel long hours by train, car or bus) and there won’t be a page on Tuesday- I apologise, but I’d rather do good quality work on Friday’s and next Tuesday’s pages.

Enjoy the Inktober drawing I did today. Tomorrow’s theme should probably be hands.

Next weekend is the 24hour comic event in Poland and I expect to have a 24-page comic done and translated for you in the next two weeks (not porn though).