I’m taking one update off because of my recent health issues! Sorry about that. Unfortunately the big C hit us after vacation and then a week of baby being sick, which when compounded almost wiped out my buffer of comics for upload.
Enjoy this vision of Sofka handling her situation in hell! Bear in mind it’s just a filler pic and not the actual, canon situation! I invite you to fantasize about what adventures she might have down there. Myself, I remember an old church tale about a man visiting heaven and hell. He saw that in heaven people sat at a big table with really long spoons and everyone used their long spoon to feed the person in front of them. Then he visited hell and he saw the exact same situation, but people all tried to use their own long spoon to feed themselves, poking at each other with the other ends of spoons accidentally, all very unhappy.
So my vision for Sofka’s adventure in hell is her being splayed across and tied to a table, being eaten out at one end and swallowing demon members at the other. I guess I’ve been on a sort of oral fixation lately. Pic unrelated?

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